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She is using music as an escape goat. She wanted one of the best violas from guitar center but since she’s been without enough cash for the past three months now, all she can do is daydream about it. And wait for the time that she has enough to make her dreams a reality.

She’s been disabled since she was a kid. It is not a surprise to everyone anymore that she is bitter about it. She is miserable except for when she is enveloped in her music. She plays the viola really well! She also plays the harp and when she does, she is at peace with herself.

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We all know how uncertain the future is. It is what’s making it scary for those of us growing older each day. The uncertainty of the future and the life we are facing then. Will it be as comfortable as we have now? Will it be better? Or are we looking forward to a hard life? I hope the last one won’t happen to anyone.

So how do we make certain something uncertain? By preparing for it the best way we know how! Anticipate the bad things that can happen and stock on the stuff that can make our lives easier. Invest. There’s time deposits and other sure fire schemes. Save up! There are banks to put our monies at. And don’t burn bridges. You never know when you will need in the future someone you met now and have been rude at. You don’t want karma to hit you when you are at your weakest, right?

Actually, you don’t want bad karma period. Make certain the uncertain. Prepare!

But also don’t forget to enjoy the present.

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A friend of mine told me that she uses a dock for her iPad so she can listen to the playlists she has there. She has a very eclectic taste in music so she doesn’t tune in to local radio stations as much. She loves listening to her choice songs especially late at night when she is at her creative best!

She paints, sketches, draws. She does it manually and digitally. Late at night is when she does her best work, when everyone is already fast asleep and it’s relatively quiet around the house.

Right now, she is busy canvassing for the best offer on online printing.

Her iPad is her companion and the music coming from it.

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Whenever Charlie goes out of the country for a business conference, he makes sure he books a flight only at United Airlines. He trusts the airline company to bring him to his business destination on time and without any hassles. He books a flight with them online, most of the time a week or two earlier than his estimated time of departure.

I’ve known Charlie for more than a decade now and I’ve heard so many of his horror stories with some of his trips abroad. Some were plain horrible while were too terrible it’s already funny when you hear it! He began traveling when he was still a medical representative of a large pharmaceutical company in the country. Later on, he opened his own pharmacy and concentrated on it after two years of launching it. He continued his travels abroad more so when he became his own boss. He would attend pharma conferences almost every quarter. In between, he would meet potential investors and business partners in other countries, too. And twice a year, he would bring his whole family for vacations in different destinations. You can just imagine the mileage being accumulated by this person in a year!

I heard that Charlie is already booked in a United Airlines flight this coming weekend. He will meet potential business partners for a pharma plant that he is building. It will be a huge deal if he closes this agreement and he is making sure he will arrive in his meeting looking fresh and ready to take on the world.

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My best friends and I have been talking about disconnecting from the world wide web even for the weekend. We want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city life. We want to get the stress out of our systems and I suggested a stay-cation as the best solution for it!

A stay-cation is a vacation where you will only stay inside our place of accommodation. In our case, we are planning on renting out a cabin. We are planning this in April, after the crazy deadline of tax filing. And as a reward also for last year’s hard work, we are also planning on getting these birthstone rings.

I can’t wait to go on a stay-cation with my best friends! It will be a blast, I am sure of it!

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That’s the truth!

I miss the good old days of blogging. I miss my blogger-friends who are no longer active in the blogosphere. I miss the chikahan, the bantering, the fun interaction. I miss everyone and everything!

The sad truth is that, so many of the good old bloggers are no longer interested in maintaining their online sites. They are also not okay with some rules that the net lord imposed on all of us. They are also not interested in earning online so they stopped.

At least, they are active in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so I still get to interact with most of them.

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