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One thing that I want to do this new year is to give more love to the people in my life. I will focus on one in this entry of mine: my favorite cousin. He has been more of a brother to me than a cousin and I know that there have been times that I take him for granted. I haven’t given him a gift in years and it’s time for me to do something about it.

I am going to get him his Christmas biggest wish: a musicians friend telecaster! I am going to surprise him with it this coming end of the month, after I get my salary.

I can’t wait to see his face when he opens his gift!

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I talked to every member of my immediate family to tell them that I want everyone earning and contributing to the family coffers next year. We have a grand plan of moving out of our house right now to relocate to a more peaceful and quiet neighborhood. To be able to pull that off, everyone needs to pull their weight and really focus on contributing to the common goal of the family. Buy a new house and lot in a better neighborhood.

My dad said that he is thinking of using a portion of our current lot and converting it into a store with a mezzanine living quarters to be rented out. A rental, to be exact. We agreed on his idea. He is already talking to a contractor friend of his on a plan and estimates. I reminded him that he will be a landlord so he better have concrete plans on how to manage his tenant. He told us that a tenant verification will be the first thing he will do once his rental is ready. I agreed and told him that I will help him find a company who will help him verify his tenant’s background. I logged online and found Tenantify. I gathered enough information for my dad to consider and here’s what I found out:

The service is fast and easy. The tenant will provide information on employment and income to the landlord through Tenantify.
Tenantify will, then, verify the information given to the best of their ability. They use a secure means in their process.
The process is fast because it only takes one business day to complete it.
When done, Tenantify will give a detailed report with add-on analysis to the landlord for decision-making.
Tenant will pay Tenantify’s fee once verification is done completely.

Simple! I am sure my dad will like Tenantify.

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I am always sleepy! These past few days, I’ve been battling epic drowsiness and failing big time!


If you know me, you’d know that I am often sleepy. But when there’s work, I am the most energized person this side of the planet. But lately I often find myself about to nod off. I am in front of my computer, typing away, and then all of a sudden I’d feel that I’m about to fall!

I know it’s my blood sugar. I really need to find a way to cut down on rice because it’s the only thing that’s making my blood too sugary!

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I am seriously considering taking a day off so I can organize the thoughts and ideas in my head. Seriously. I am the type of person who can’t stop her mind from coughing up ideas even when I am asleep. Ideas that get stuck in limbo if I fail to write it down fast.

Lately, I have been so excited to start something new. I’ve been toying with the idea ever since that negative force came into my life. I was able to turn it into an inspiration and as soon as I find the time, it will come to fruition.

The thing is when it occurred to me, my mind can’t stop churning out ideas for the new project I have in mind. I really need to put it all down on paper and organize it. If not, it might end up in limbo again.

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There are days when I feel like screaming my lungs out at the world. Life is so unfair! You see so many undeserving people wallowing in their endless supply of cash while you work harder and harder each day to a little income. I just feel like we little people work ourselves to the bones while those who are getting rich are those who lift their fingers just to push a button to call someone else to do the hard work for them


Anyway, I am just grateful that there’s music to calm down my nerves all the time. Whenever I feel like I am getting angry at the world again, I turn on the music, listen to a couple of mellow songs, and my blood pressure returns to normal. Boss pedal will be a gift I will get my next-door neighbor because he’s also a source of mellow music for me.

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A couple of years ago, I was neck-deep in debts. I didn’t know how I could get saved from drowning. There was no clear sign of how I could pay for the loans I incurred over the years.

And then I quit working for a corporation. It seemed that instead of the fear I usually feel when I was in between jobs, there was relief instead. I was relieved that I would no longer be enslaved by something I was no longer happy doing. I could go on and be my own boss!

It was the lifeline that I was waiting for! I was able to earn more and use my earnings to pay off one debt after another. I was so happy that finally, I was no longer neck-deep in debt troubles. I was finally rising above the sea of debts with a clear view of the horizon.

I am praying, always praying, that it won’t happen to me again. I don’t want to find myself in the same situation as before. I am praying hard that this is the road to financial freedom, the same road we are all traversing right now.

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