The bookworm in me.

I just love discounts!

My sisters and I went to the recently concluded Manila International Book Festival. We had a blast! I was able to buy a bunch of books at discounted prices. I just love it! It reminded me of the woodwind and brasswind coupon code that my sister told me about. It will be a great way to get that gift for the amazing best friend I have.

I can’t wait to build the home library of my dreams. I already have a plan in mind and I am saving up for it. I just know that in 2017, that home library will come to fruition.

23. September 2016 by Kara
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Instant goals


I was looking at music instruments websites and instantly an idea popped in my mind… travel goals! I’ve been planning this road trip in my mind for so long now, the only thing lacking is someone who will drive the car for me. Haha! I know, I know. But it will happen and soon. I will make it sure.

Not necessarily to the beach but somewhere. I want my creative juices flowing again just like before. I would wake up at one or two in the morning and would work until I am exhausted. No one could make me stop. I was on fire! And then I got burnt out. I wanted that fire again. Maybe a roadtrip will make it reappear.

Instant goals!

14. September 2016 by Kara
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Dirty dancing in the moonlight…

If you know the song where those lyrics are from, you’ll be singing the next line. Haha! Love that song!

One thing I realized over the past few weeks is that music helps ease any burden. It can divert your attention, put you in your happy zone. Like right now, I am thinking of some things and, I know there is hope, but you know my favorite song helped. I feel so much better now that it is on loop.

Thank goodness I was searching for Reason 7 and the song played in the background. It immediately lifted my spirits. The beat and the thought of dirty dancing in the moonlight…

Ah, life.

14. September 2016 by Kara
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My fave cousin.

One thing that I want to do this new year is to give more love to the people in my life. I will focus on one in this entry of mine: my favorite cousin. He has been more of a brother to me than a cousin and I know that there have been times that I take him for granted. I haven’t given him a gift in years and it’s time for me to do something about it.

I am going to get him his Christmas biggest wish: a musicians friend telecaster! I am going to surprise him with it this coming end of the month, after I get my salary.

I can’t wait to see his face when he opens his gift!

11. January 2016 by Kara
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Blood’s too sweet!

I am always sleepy! These past few days, I’ve been battling epic drowsiness and failing big time!


If you know me, you’d know that I am often sleepy. But when there’s work, I am the most energized person this side of the planet. But lately I often find myself about to nod off. I am in front of my computer, typing away, and then all of a sudden I’d feel that I’m about to fall!

I know it’s my blood sugar. I really need to find a way to cut down on rice because it’s the only thing that’s making my blood too sugary!

22. December 2014 by Kara
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Bad eye

Lately, my left eye is slowing me down. I think it’s time for another eye check up. But I want to have it done by next month. This month I am saving up for my brother’s final tuition fee installment. I should have had lasik surgery when I had the money two years ago. I was just scared to undergo a procedure like that. Too bad. I should have went ahead with it.

Oh well, there really are more and more reasons why I haven’t been reading lately. Bad eye. Too many pending things to do. And just a tad too lazy to do some reading…

28. October 2014 by Kara
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One time too many


When I was around 6 or 7, my mom had me attend piano lessons at my cousins’ house. We had this really strict teacher who would bring with her a wood ruler to tap our hands with should we commit mistakes. The taps brought with it hurt and shame. Instead of making me want to learn more, it brought tears to my eyes and made me want to quit.

I remember one day, I had one too many taps on my hands. The red welts on my hands were more than enough for me to quit. And I did. I went home crying. I told my mom that I didn’t want to go back anymore. I knew she was disappointed.

Looking back, I realized that I would have went back should my mom insisted on it. But since she didn’t, there was no reason for me to go back anymore. My mom’s my inspiration. It would have been great had I learned to play the piano. I took me a year, I think, before I quit. When I look back in my life, I realize that it was the start of the many instances that I have quit because of the fear of committing more mistakes. But what if had I not quit the piano lessons I would have succeeded and become a great pianist? I would never know now. Much the same that I would never know what might have happened to me had I not quit one time too many…

22. October 2014 by Kara
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