A watch person

I am not into jewelries. You can easily notice that when you talk to me because I don’t wear jewelries. I am more of a watch person. Someone from my past joked that a man should give me watch with diamonds instead of plain jewelries. I said yes to that. While growing up, my parents […]

My new mantra in life.

I would like to make this my new mantra in life… I always worry. Always! I am a worry wart and it’s been something that I’ve been trying to erase in my system for years. But you know what? I do believe that when you are the eldest in the family, when you are the […]

Sleepy and exhausted

In a few minutes, I will be off to go to bed. I am already sleepy. My mind is already exhausted from the day’s work. I long for the heated mattress in my room. It is a bit cold these days and I want a warm bed waiting for me. Actually, a hot choco will […]

Let go and live!

There are days when I yearn to let go, really let go, and live! Like be wild for a day or two. Or take a big risk without worrying about the consequences. Or just go at the drop of a hat! But I am not that kind of person. Sometimes I wish I am so […]

I dream…

I have a lot of dreams not only for myself but also for the whole family. But what I will share with you now is a dream I have for myself. I dream of a month-long vacation. I dream of being away from the computer and not worrying about losing a big chunk of my […]

All for nothing!

Sometimes it makes me wonder why I threw away my life for a bunch of people who would turn out to be ingrates! Nakakainis lang! It just feels like I sacrificed for nothing! I am not asking for anything in return for myself. I asked them to at least take over some of my responsibilities […]

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