Day off to organize thoughts

I am seriously considering taking a day off so I can organize the thoughts and ideas in my head. Seriously. I am the type of person who can’t stop her mind from coughing up ideas even when I am asleep. Ideas that get stuck in limbo if I fail to write it down fast. Lately, […]

Short Attention Span

I get so distracted by little things. A tv show for instance. I should have been writing the posts I have put in “Pending Review” but instead, I watched a local investigatory show. It ate more than 1 hour of my time. Sigh. Yesterday, I went to bed earlier than usual because I felt tired. […]

Short attention span and laziness combined

I really hate having this short attention span. It isn’t diagnosed but I know I have one. I can’t focus on a single thing for a long period of time. Especially now that I feel as if I am burnt out. I have been feeling this way for a few weeks now. I can’t focus […]

Weirdo ako :x

May pagka-weirdo ako talaga. If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you’d know that. Happy, sad. Laughing, crying. Minsan sabay yan. I remember this instance when we’re at a wake. All of a sudden I was besieged by the need to laugh out loud. For the simple reason that I was reminded of a funny […]