All for nothing!

Sometimes it makes me wonder why I threw away my life for a bunch of people who would turn out to be ingrates! Nakakainis lang! It just feels like I sacrificed for nothing! I am not asking for anything in return for myself. I asked them to at least take over some of my responsibilities […]


When I took the responsibility of sending my siblings to school, the only two conditions I gave them were to make sure to finish college on time by taking their studies seriously and to help out in the family expenses when they find work after college. That’s it. I didn’t ask for them to pay […]

A nightmare!

My brother is turning out to be a nightmare. I don’t know why he grew up to be a disrespectful person but he would raise his voice on us, even with my dad, when he’s not in the mood. He is also overbearing and very rude at times! I simply hate him right now I […]

Getting annoyed.

When I get annoyed, I am really annoyed! Does that make sense to you? My annoyance or irritation gets triggered by a lot of small things. I try not to entertain the thoughts but there’s just some things that I can’t ignore. Like how annoying the person is! I really try to be as positive […]

Giving up?!?

Sometimes I feel like giving up on everything and everyone. I hate the chaos. I hate the mess. I hate that it’s so noisy and negative around me! I feel so tired of having to please every single person in my life. I am sick of the worries about money. I am sick and tired […]

Sad face

I am working hard for my family. I want to give them whatever they want. A comfortable life with a sprinkle of luxuries here and there. That is the very reason why I am working like this and I worry every other minute. I don’t know if they are aware of this but I know […]

When angry…

When I get angry, it is so hard for me to stop. I get angry with every one around me. I get angry over a lot of things, even over trivial matters. I get so angry that the anger comes with a splitting headache most of the time. Yes, you can call this a temper […]

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