Old sad woman

Truth be told, I fear I will become an old sad woman in the future. I’ve seen it happen to some relatives. Not content with life. There’s so much unfinished business to attend to. Too many regrets. I’m one of those people with too many what-if’s in life. Too many what-might-have-beens. Trust me, I try […]

Never too late

I always keep this mind, most especially of late. It’s never too late for me. It’s never too late to realize my dreams. It’s never too late to begin a different life from the one I have now. There is still enough time for me to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. As […]

Mirrored image

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see a person smiling back at you, happy with her the way her life is going? Or do you see a person with a frown on her face, sadness in her eyes, constantly worrying about her life and plainly unsatisfied with everything? To […]

Turn the lights on

There was a time in the past when I couldn’t sleep with the lights on. I would put a pillow on my face to block the light (if it’s still on) and turn on the side for easier breathing. If the lights were off, I’d sleep like a log. These days, though, I can’t sleep […]

Check-ups make me sick!

I hate hospitals! I hate going to the doctor for a check up because I hate hearing a bad diagnosis. When my mom was sick before, we had to go back and forth to at least 3 doctors for bi-weekly check-ups. Whenever we go to the hospital, I dreaded hearing something bad. I know that […]

Worry wart me :-(

What makes you nervous? Not enough funds. No clear source of a big income. Not being able to provide for the family. These are the things that make me nervous. All the others I can easily handle but when it comes to being the provider, it really makes me nervous when I don’t have enough. […]

Worried again

Hay. When will this ever stop? I guess when I am six feet under ground, right? And who wants that? Sigh. Yes, you read the title right. I am worried again. Again! It’s a cycle, I tell you. It won’t stop and it won’t leave me alone. Something came up a few minutes ago. It […]

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