Singing her heart out!

I am getting the cute little girl a digital recorder. She loves singing her heart out and recording it! She likes listening to her voice again and again. She gets a kick out of it and it’s too cute and funny. So while I was talking to my two sisters about it, I decided to […]

My Prayer

My prayer is always this… that I can continue to provide for the family. That work and blessings will continue pouring in thereby increasing my income. That no one in the family will get sick or get into accident or trouble. That all of us will die a natural death and without any pain at […]

Valid worries

I always worry about my brother. I worry that he might get into trouble. Or trouble finds him. He’s the type of guy who welcomes anything, trouble or otherwise. Somehow, along the way, I messed up raising him. I spoiled him too much. My mom and I. But my mom’s not here anymore so it’s […]

Feeling guilty

I feel guilty. One of my grand-aunts, the one with whom I spent so much of my youth with, celebrated her birthday last January 17th. I forgot it! I thought it’s February 17th so I didn’t get her anything. I don’t know why I keep forgetting her birthday! When I realized my mistake, I felt […]

My suspicion

When do I stop being the elder sister and start letting my younger siblings live their own lives? I don’t know if I can stop being one especially when I know a sibling of mine is getting hurt, with or without his/her knowledge. Who wants their love ones in trouble, right? Well, not me! How […]

Riled up

I get riled up when my dad and my sister would start lecturing me about my brother (I’ll refer to him here as Bunso). They would tell me that I was too lenient on him and that I wasn’t opening my eyes to the fact that he seems to be more focused on social networking […]

Christmas eve

Every Christmas our family would go to the evening mass and after it would go home to wait for midnight to strike. That’s when we would go open our Christmas gifts and have our noche buena. It’s a yearly tradition and one I hope will not be broken until we are all alive. Merry Christmas […]

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