Change of strategies

Whenever we encounter any worry at home, I always feel this overwhelming need to solve it for the family. I don’t like them worrying. I don’t want any discord at home over something. Yesterday, because of the raging storm, we realized that the roof is now a bit rotten. It needs to be replaced. Instead […]

Dust and all that.

I’ve been going back and forth between staying put in the house we’ve been living in for the past three decades and moving out to relocate somewhere else. When it’s sunny and the neighbors are cooperating (read: peaceful and quiet), I want to stay put. We have a modest home and I know with revonations […]

I just want to be normal!

When something is wrong in the family, a family member sick or in some kind of trouble, I can’t do anything but worry. I can’t move on! Yes, I pray. I talk to the family member(s) concerned. I try as best as I can to be normal despite everything. But you know what? I just […]

Care taker of finances

There are so many things that I worry about. But mostly about the family’s finances. Even though my 3 sisters are already working, I am still the biggest source of income in the family. I take care of bills, groceries and daily meals. Plus other things needed in the house. So you can imagine how […]

Torn! :-(

There’s someone buying our house. We’ve been selling it for years now, on and off we do. But now that there’s someone intent on buying it, we are thinking twice about selling it off. You see, prices of house and lot in the city are very steep. You can’t find one below 3M that isn’t […]

Huge mistake!

I made a huge mistake in my brother. I spoiled him rotten. And I mean it literally! He grew up with a rotten temper and had this preconceived notion that since he is the youngest, he should have all the perks of being one. Which is too bad since it isn’t really that way in […]

Inner peace

I am opinionated. That much I will admit. I tend to notice the tiniest things and it annoys me most of the time. That’s who I am. But the past couple of days, I realize that ignoring some stuff happening around me can lead to inner peace. I am calmer and happier when I let […]

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