Blood’s too sweet!

I am always sleepy! These past few days, I’ve been battling epic drowsiness and failing big time! If you know me, you’d know that I am often sleepy. But when there’s work, I am the most energized person this side of the planet. But lately I often find myself about to nod off. I am […]

Bad eye

Lately, my left eye is slowing me down. I think it’s time for another eye check up. But I want to have it done by next month. This month I am saving up for my brother’s final tuition fee installment. I should have had lasik surgery when I had the money two years ago. I […]

Under the weather

I am currently feeling under the weather. I’m down with the flu. I know it’s the weather but I also know that my immune system is down due to the hours I keep. Sometimes, especially during times like this when I am sick, I am thinking about going back to the way it was, normal […]

Feeling bad today

I am not feeling well right now. I think I might have been eating way too much these past few days. I am admittedly an overweight person. I have been struggling with my weight ever since I entered adolescence. And I have never been able to control my weight since then. Just this morning, I […]

Sleepy again! :-(

This is bad. I know my sugar level is up again as I am sleepy all the time! I also feel lethargic and so darn uninspired to do the stuff I need to do. Even reading has become a chore for me. Uh-oh. It’s time to cut back on the sugar. I’ve been eating sweets […]

Sick again! :(

I am worried about my health. I am sick again for the 4th time since 2011 began. Imagine that! I have a bad cough again. I am running a fever. Hay. I know my immune system is down. I don’t take vitamins because I gain more weight when I do. But this time around, regardless […]

Tired mind and body

Tired. That’s how I’ve been for the past few weeks now. I know it’s the lack of energy which is the result of lack of exercise and other physical activities other than sitting in front of the computer and writing or surfing the net. It’s my fault and I am not blaming anybody else but […]

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