Out-of-country business conference

Whenever Charlie goes out of the country for a business conference, he makes sure he books a flight only at United Airlines. He trusts the airline company to bring him to his business destination on time and without any hassles. He books a flight with them online, most of the time a week or two […]

Inspiring story

I remember a story that my mom told me when I was younger. It was about a man who picked up a small pouch which he thought to be just garbage. He opened it to give to his daughter and guess what? They had the surprise of their lives! The small pouch actually contained loose […]

Only the music in her head

Music keeps her sane. If not for the music blasting through the headphones that her older sister got for her, she would go crazy from the chaos and tension in the company she’s working for. Her sister is telling her to resign as soon as possible. But she’s one person who can’t leave anything unfinished. […]

A job like no other

Kyle will always be grateful to his father for making music a part of their daily lives. His father gave him a complete dj mixing set and he was able to use it while in university, paying for his own tuition fees. He is being invited in different parties around the university and he’s earning […]

Part of life

Death is a part of life. People usually get scared when they hear a person they know just died. It’s even scarier to the family members of the person who died especially if it happens unexpectedly. Problems arise not only on the loss of the person but also on the funeral arrangements. It’s very hard […]

One wish

He just wants to be left alone. That’s one wish that Ernie has. He grew up in a dysfunctional home with the adults fighting all the time. Every single day he dreaded going home from school. He would rather sleep in the garage where he would keep the guitar that an elderly neighbor gave him. […]

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