Crack in the friendship

Two of my old blogger-friends whom I was very close to surprisingly added me in Facebook. I was surprised because it’s been years that I haven’t spoken to any one of them. They made some remarks about me that really damaged our friendship. Anyway, so they added just days apart. I accepted their friend request […]

Prodigal best friend

Is there such a thing? I’ve been estranged from my best friend for close to three years now. He suddenly disappeared on me when I was already asking him about the money he borrowed from me. No, I was not collecting yet. I was just asking how he was as well as the situation of […]

Broken relationship

What broken relationship do you wish you could restore? This is a very simple question that entails a lot of heartaches when I dredge up memories of the past… I would like to restore my friendship with both S and E. It’s a long story and one I am not inclined to retell but it’s […]

Happy birthday!

It’s her birthday today. She was that person with whom I had so many things in common with. Our love for good music, lengthy novels, movies after movies, foreign TV shows was a pleasant surprise to both of us. We were both mall rats, too! We could talk for hours on end and could jump […]

A snitch!

He said that a common friend told him how I used to beg to borrow money from him. I was not able to borrow even a cent from that common friend but he still told someone else about it. He said he felt guilty for not being able to help. Those were very embarrassing times […]

Lonely, depressed…

When I call you my friend, I really do consider you as part of my life already. If you are in trouble, I worry along with your own family. If you are successful, happy, I am equally happy for you. That’s how I am towards all the people I consider my friends. That’s why it […]

Who’s your bestfriend?

I had several bestfriends in the course of my life. I think I had one for each level in grade school. It stopped when I became friends with this girl in grade five until fourth year high. Still, I had one more best friend in freshman high before I stuck with the girl I was […]

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