I miss the good old days!

That’s the truth! I miss the good old days of blogging. I miss my blogger-friends who are no longer active in the blogosphere. I miss the chikahan, the bantering, the fun interaction. I miss everyone and everything! The sad truth is that, so many of the good old bloggers are no longer interested in maintaining […]

Like it?! ;)

So do you like my new theme? I’ve been on a “theme-changing” mood for the past few days now. And this blog’s not exempt from it. So I changed the theme, retained the header and still used a 3-column layout. Do you like it? I do! I love clean white themes and this one is […]

Itching to change

I don’t know if I should but I feel like changing themes here. Probably for Christmas. I like this blog’s theme and I told myself that this will be the one for this blog in a long while but me and my fickle mind is itching to do something new here. I just don’t think […]