Staying positive

Truth be told, 2011 was not great to me when it comes to my personal finances. Up and down went my monthly income. When in 2010 it was just up, up and up, 2011 was more down than up. But I learned my lesson and for that I am still thankful for 2011. This year, […]

A lifestyle overhaul needed!

I keep harping about the fact that I am having financial difficulties again. I kept ranting to my sisters about how hard it is to earn an income now unlike the hundredfold blessings that kept pouring in a few years ago. I keep praying for a big blessing to come but then I had an […]

Financial dues

You know this is the very reason why I don’t like and avoid at all costs being indebted to someone. I normally forget dates and all that and I hate that the person I am indebted to thinks that I did it deliberately when in fact I truly forget about it! This is another reason […]

That teeny-weeny seed of doubt…

I guess there will always be that teeny-weeny seed of doubt in my head when it comes to my finances. It’s the bad choices/decisions in the past. It’s the trauma of finding myself neck-deep in debt and with nothing to my name. It’s the knowledge that nobody can save me if I there is a […]

All I’m asking…

… is for blessings to come in. Work. I am asking for more work. I am not asking for an easy life. I am actually asking for a very busy life. I want work. More work. Plenty of work! That’s what I want. More income is the result of more work and I need that […]

Little retail therapy

I threw cautions to the wind and indulged myself to a brand new watch today. I was supposed to save and avoid unnecessary purchases but what the heck! I fell in love with the watch so I bought it. I also ate out two days in a row. Watched a movie. And just spent quite […]

Worried again

Hay. When will this ever stop? I guess when I am six feet under ground, right? And who wants that? Sigh. Yes, you read the title right. I am worried again. Again! It’s a cycle, I tell you. It won’t stop and it won’t leave me alone. Something came up a few minutes ago. It […]

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