Financial dues

You know this is the very reason why I don’t like and avoid at all costs being indebted to someone. I normally forget dates and all that and I hate that the person I am indebted to thinks that I did it deliberately when in fact I truly forget about it! This is another reason […]

That teeny-weeny seed of doubt…

I guess there will always be that teeny-weeny seed of doubt in my head when it comes to my finances. It’s the bad choices/decisions in the past. It’s the trauma of finding myself neck-deep in debt and with nothing to my name. It’s the knowledge that nobody can save me if I there is a […]

All I’m asking…

… is for blessings to come in. Work. I am asking for more work. I am not asking for an easy life. I am actually asking for a very busy life. I want work. More work. Plenty of work! That’s what I want. More income is the result of more work and I need that […]

Little retail therapy

I threw cautions to the wind and indulged myself to a brand new watch today. I was supposed to save and avoid unnecessary purchases but what the heck! I fell in love with the watch so I bought it. I also ate out two days in a row. Watched a movie. And just spent quite […]

Worried again

Hay. When will this ever stop? I guess when I am six feet under ground, right? And who wants that? Sigh. Yes, you read the title right. I am worried again. Again! It’s a cycle, I tell you. It won’t stop and it won’t leave me alone. Something came up a few minutes ago. It […]

A snitch!

He said that a common friend told him how I used to beg to borrow money from him. I was not able to borrow even a cent from that common friend but he still told someone else about it. He said he felt guilty for not being able to help. Those were very embarrassing times […]

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