Road to financial freedom?

A couple of years ago, I was neck-deep in debts. I didn’t know how I could get saved from drowning. There was no clear sign of how I could pay for the loans I incurred over the years. And then I quit working for a corporation. It seemed that instead of the fear I usually […]

Road trip, savings, priorities

I want to go on a road trip but I can’t do it right now. I am saving up to buy two new laptops. I am also depositing money for my grandma’s expenses. I don’t know where to get funds should there be an emergency regarding my grandma and I want to be prepared for […]

Change of strategies

Whenever we encounter any worry at home, I always feel this overwhelming need to solve it for the family. I don’t like them worrying. I don’t want any discord at home over something. Yesterday, because of the raging storm, we realized that the roof is now a bit rotten. It needs to be replaced. Instead […]

Making certain the uncertain.

We all know how uncertain the future is. It is what’s making it scary for those of us growing older each day. The uncertainty of the future and the life we are facing then. Will it be as comfortable as we have now? Will it be better? Or are we looking forward to a hard […]


Once again I failed at budgeting my money. I forgot to stop and think before I indulged in weekend shopping. Now the money I am expecting to come in won’t be coming in until the middle of the week. Now what?!? I really hate myself for being so self-indulgent at times. I thought the money […]

Care taker of finances

There are so many things that I worry about. But mostly about the family’s finances. Even though my 3 sisters are already working, I am still the biggest source of income in the family. I take care of bills, groceries and daily meals. Plus other things needed in the house. So you can imagine how […]

Never-ending cycle :-(

Sooner or later I will be on that level where I won’t worry about tomorrow or for emergencies because I have more than enough money saved in the bank for such. I am hoping that I will be able to do that in the second half of this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed. […]

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