Too extravagant!

I don’t approve of a too extravagant lifestyle for the young. It will make them spoiled brats when they grow up! I remember my maternal relatives who grew up with everything given to them. Those pricey toys most families couldn’t afford back in the ’80s? They had those! And look how they grew up! Well, […]

Insincere person

Why do I find this person so insincere? I know that she meant well and she probably is sincere in whatever she’s saying but I just don’t like her. My instinct is telling me that she is still the same person who could use her love ones in whatever she plans for herself. Bad, no? […]

Idol na idol!

She should have been the good influence but it turned out she was easily influenced to become somebody else by this person. Ugh! If there is one kind of person I truly don’t like, it’s someone who pretends to be someone else when the person can’t even afford the kind of lifestyle her idol has! […]

Is she OK?!?

I don’t know but there is something really, really wrong with this person’s psyche. She’s always looking for a fight, it seems to me, and so insecure of other girls even if she’s already married to a good man and have two wonderful kids. Why, oh, why?!? She would rant about someone who is jealous […]

Talkin’ some sense to myself…

I am telling myself this… It’s time to move on. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and stop trying to please others. It’s time to stop seeking approval and its time to just accept that people are going to hurt you. It’s time to say: Screw you, I’m moving on! Funny how I […]

Idle time

She has too much time on her hands and she’s using it to do so many unnecessary stuff in life. I don’t know why she insists on being that way when she can be so much more. I guess she’s becoming shallow as she ages. Sometimes I just feel like she’s wasting so much of […]


This person I am following on Twitter just shares every little piece of information about her, her husband, their whereabouts, what their current activity is… and everything about her life! It’s just information overload that we, her followers, don’t really need! I mean come on! She tweeted that she’s having breakfast somewhere with her husband. […]

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