An escape goat.

She is using music as an escape goat. She wanted one of the best violas from guitar center but since she’s been without enough cash for the past three months now, all she can do is daydream about it. And wait for the time that she has enough to make her dreams a reality. She’s […]

Late at night…

A friend of mine told me that she uses a dock for her iPad so she can listen to the playlists she has there. She has a very eclectic taste in music so she doesn’t tune in to local radio stations as much. She loves listening to her choice songs especially late at night when […]

A stay-cation with friends.

My best friends and I have been talking about disconnecting from the world wide web even for the weekend. We want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city life. We want to get the stress out of our systems and I suggested a stay-cation as the best solution for it! A […]

Getting tougher.

I noticed Rache is getting tougher each day. I’ve seen her progress in Facebook. I’ve seen how she’s fighting the loneliness and depression. I’ve seen her getting better each day and I am very happy for her! I know that she can do it! She can rise above her troubles. I saw her buy a […]

Music and tours

One of the things he loves about being in a band is the tours. He loves that he and his band can do what they are passionate about which is their music and can also do something they’ve always wanted to do which is travel. They get everything delivered to the place where they will […]

Getting some tips.

Miranda called up Hector, her ex-boyfriend, to get some tips on how to save on guitar recording software. She is helping out her current boyfriend set up a music studio and he needs all the help he can get in saving up. The cost of the studio has gone sky high now and Miranda is […]

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