My fave cousin.

One thing that I want to do this new year is to give more love to the people in my life. I will focus on one in this entry of mine: my favorite cousin. He has been more of a brother to me than a cousin and I know that there have been times that […]

One common goal.

I talked to every member of my immediate family to tell them that I want everyone earning and contributing to the family coffers next year. We have a grand plan of moving out of our house right now to relocate to a more peaceful and quiet neighborhood. To be able to pull that off, everyone […]

Mellow music

There are days when I feel like screaming my lungs out at the world. Life is so unfair! You see so many undeserving people wallowing in their endless supply of cash while you work harder and harder each day to a little income. I just feel like we little people work ourselves to the bones […]

The Bride and Her Bouquet

The goal of a bride is to walk down the aisle towards the man of her dreams wearing the most beautiful gown, smile, and holding a beautiful bouquet that will not steal the light from her but instead will enhance her over all look. Bloominous can help the bride with her bouquet. DIY wedding flowers […]

A number of choices.

Elsa is a very fickle-minded person! She will not settle for anything unless she has a number of choices in front of her. So when a common friend of ours asked for my help in getting her something for her coming 35th birthday, I told her to do one thing. Go online to check some […]

Late at night…

A friend of mine told me that she uses a dock for her iPad so she can listen to the playlists she has there. She has a very eclectic taste in music so she doesn’t tune in to local radio stations as much. She loves listening to her choice songs especially late at night when […]