My love of singing.

girlSinging is something I love to do. Idle or not, I would hum, sing to myself. It’s a great way to fight stress. And stress has been a frenemy as of late.

I work almost daily. I am a corporate rat five days a week. I am also an online writer three nights a week. Plus, a novelist on weekends. Can you imagine the amount of stress I accumulate in my body seven days a week? A lot! I fight stress with my love of singing. I sing dance songs, love songs… songs filled with angst, sorrow, yearning… and a slew of other catchy ones.

I should tell you, though, that singing does not really love me. Ha-ha! I have the voice of a bullfrog! Ha-ha-ha! But, hey, it’s my voice and I do whatever I want with it. I am actually compelled to click here for a great deal and guess what that deal is? A microphone! Yes, to show off my singing prowess.

I should get back to it. Singing, that is.

08. May 2017 by Kara
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