As much as you can…

I’ve read this post from a friend and a cousin of mine that we should all travel, as much as we can, as often as we can, because life isn’t meant to be lived in one place. I know they only got it somewhere else but it got me thinking. Those two people in my life know what they are talking about!


When I was younger, in my 20’s, I used to plan to travel once I reach my 30’s. I figured that by that time, I would have been through sending my siblings to school and they would have been more stable financially so I could leave them to fend for themselves. But things have a way of happening, plans have a way of not being carried out to the letter. My mom got sick and so much have happened between those years I was planning and now. To make a long story short, my well thought out plans didn’t push through.

I am now two years short of 40. I know that I need to get that guitar that Guitar Center has, travel guitar at a great price! I will bring it with me when I travel. Maybe, locally at first. Then, we’ll see if I can carry out my first ever plan of backpacking in Asia by next year.

Or maybe, when I hit the big 4-0?!?

08. May 2017 by Kara
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