Change of strategies

Whenever we encounter any worry at home, I always feel this overwhelming need to solve it for the family. I don’t like them worrying. I don’t want any discord at home over something.

Yesterday, because of the raging storm, we realized that the roof is now a bit rotten. It needs to be replaced. Instead of thinking about that, I felt this overwhelming need to buy a house for us. Somewhere like this place of ours, elevated and flood-free. My sisters and I were talking about buying a condo unit. But I know my dad won’t be comfortable living in one, even in a low-rise building. He’s having difficulties with going up and down the stairs because of premature arthritis…

I am thinking of pushing through with our first plans after my mom’s burial. To talk to my grandma and grand-aunts about buying a portion of their house. It’s still in this area and there’s no need for us to go someplace else that will require flights of stairs.

I still have to talk to everyone about it. But that’s where I am going right now.

08. September 2014 by Kara
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