Jaded on friendship

My friends and I were saddened when we heard first-hand how bitter about life a former teacher is. He narrated how he used to go out with so many friends. The number slowly dwindled when one by one his friends got married, migrated to another country, worked abroad, etc. He was bitter about it. He now views friendship as short-term. One that quickly passes by without you noticing it.


I don’t know which is more sad. The way he now views friendship or the way you obviously see how his happiness is dependent on his friends. He became jaded yet at the same time still hopes to find a friend to be with him until he grows old.

Happiness should never be dependent on another person. It should come from within. It should come from fighting your battles, being successful where one is passionate about. It should be about accomplishments, great conversations, a silver lining, a touched life. It should never come from being dependent on another person because happiness can be gone in an instant if that person suddenly walks out of your life.

23. August 2014 by Kara
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