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There’s someone buying our house. We’ve been selling it for years now, on and off we do. But now that there’s someone intent on buying it, we are thinking twice about selling it off.

You see, prices of house and lot in the city are very steep. You can’t find one below 3M that isn’t attached to another unit. You can find one but it will be a condominium unit and not a house and lot that we are aiming for. Also, we live in a neighborhood that is safe from floods. Typhoon Ondoy flooded almost the whole country but we stayed safe from it. The only problem we have with the neighborhood is the rise of unsavory neighbors. And the fire trap with the neighbors at the back, left and right of our houses already attached to our house.

We’re torn on letting the house go because aside from the sentimental value of it, we are also wary of finding a house with enough space for us and one that will fit our budget. And what if we relocate to a place prone to flooding?

I pray that we will be given enough time to think this through. And a divine intervention at that.



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