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You and I are blessed with most in life. We have our families with us. We have good jobs and a monthly income that we can boast of. Some of us are even blessed with good partners in life, and happy, healthy kids to boot! What more can we ask for?

So one thing that we can do to show how thankful we are with the life we have now is to pay it forward. We can donate to charity. We can give some of the blessings we receive to those less fortunate than us. To those who are still looking for the break in life that will propel them to the same heights that we are in now.

It is a small thing to do to show how blessed we are. Donate to charity. Choose one that complements the one you are advocating for. Choose a charity you know will benefit the people who truly deserve the help you can give. You know that you are not only helping those who need it but also giving yourself a way to show you care for others.

Pay it forward. The money we will shell out is nothing compared to the abundant blessings we receive day in and day out.


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