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I don’t know what’s wrong with me. For the past few days now, I feel like disabling my Facebook account! I get irritated seeing comments from non-friends made on photos I was tagged at. They used the comments section of the photo to remind each other who they were. Good thing I could untag myself. That’s what I did and I got rid of their silliness!

Or my grouchiness.

But that’s just one portion of my need to get rid of my Facebook account. It seems that lately, I am becoming more and more bored by the silliness of some people I can’t unfriend. A friend of mine told me to chill and wait for a few months. If I still feel like deleting my account, then go for it! And if in a few months I am not feeling this way anymore, then I’d be thankful I didn’t give in to the impulse.

She’s right, of course.


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